Pleasant Humidifier

Nano Pro Pleasant Humidifier™

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Turn Your Environment Into Fragrance Heaven!



Transform your workspace and create a relaxing home environment with the mist of your favourite fragrances and essential oils. 

Use with water as a humidifier

- Increase Air Humidity: Great for reducing dust and allergens in your space

- Beauty Benefits: Allow skin and hair to hydrate and glow with increased water in the air

Use with any fragrance or essential oil as a diffuser (only 1-2 sprays needed for 6-10 hours)





- Auto Shutoff: Never worry about forgetting to turn off your diffuser

- 3 Lighting Modes: Use with 7 colours led or white led, or leave it completely off.

- 2 Mist Modes: Use in continuous or intermittent mode

- High Efficiency Filter: reduce sediment, rust, scale, dirt and sand

- 300 ML: Perfect size for 10 hours of usage. Perfect humidity around the house




How To Use:

1. Fill up the water compartment

2. Add in your favourite fragrance 

3. Turn on Fragrance Diffuser. Your room now smells amazing and fresh. Enjoy additional benefits from different essential oils.

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